Loving the Beast

“May Calcifer live a thousand years, and may Howl recover his heart.”

– Sophie

Calcifer01Calcifer is a fire demon who has made a contract with Howl. Calcifer is in charge of powering and moving the castle at Howl’s bidding. He’s chained by his contract by Howl; he does as Howl asks and he received Howl’s heart in return. Calcifer is unable to leave the house or move from the fireplace on his own.

Calcifer is not well behaved for anyone but Howl. He eats anything including egg shells, and peeping bugs. He is afraid of water because it means he will go out meaning he and Howl will die. He does ask Sophie to break his spell and contract as they (him and Calcifer02Sophie) are running out of time as Howl is turning into a monster due to him having Howl’s heart. He is obstinate about doing things because he’s “a demon.” But over time, he is able to understand Sophie better and her motives for doing things.

Calcifer eventually returns Howl’s heart with Sophie’s help and he is able to return to his Calcifer03falling star state where he gains what he wanted most, freedom. He misses his friends/family and returns to them, gaining a kiss from Sophie, which makes him happy.

Calcifer’s identity is that of a demon bound by a contract, and with and without Howl’s heart is eventually changed. He has Calcifer04his moments where he is selfish and only cares about himself, but he knows by the end Sophie will take care of him, just as she takes care of Howl. He is willing to do anything for Sophie without
anything in exchange. He is only stronger with the help of something from others and he must devour it to be able to use it to fuel his own abilities. Alone and without fuel for his fire, he is unable to do much of anything for anyone. Calcifer’s identity, therefore, is selfish yet caring, but dependent on others.


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