Sugoi Minna-san! Look at how far we have gone and this will probably not be my last post but this is my final post for this project (after it will be a personal project). There are so many things that could have been discussed as Princess Mononoke has so many layers and we only scratched the top of a few of them. I could have gone into more depth about Derrida’s ideas from The Pharmakon with written, memory, repetition and orality of course, when discussing oral versus written/subbed versus dubbed. I could have looked at more ideas of nature, progress, industrialization, pollution, humans impact on the environment as there is a definite running commentary on the past and the present about humans impact on the environment. I could have looked at San, Okkoto, Nago, or Moro closer and how their point of view shapes how nature views humans. I could have analyzed Toki and the iron works women, the iron works men, the lepers working for Eboshi, and the samurai as they all had their roles to play no matter how small and they were just as important to the plot as the main characters. Toki and Kohraku’s relationship as Toki definitely wears the pants in the relationship creating yet another character who is not in a heteronormative role in society. I could have looked at the often looked over Gonza, Eboshi’s loyal bodyguard, as he is often takes the brunt of the few jokes in a rather serious film. I couldhave looked at hatred as the true source of evil in the film as it takes on a physical form several times. I could haves often fill up the things we could have done but we looked at binaries in many forms throughout the film from written/oral to nature/progress or humanity which linked to animal/human to female/male to evil/good which talked about hero/villain. These binaries shaped the film but when looked at closely break down the very ideas even further with analysis because nothing is black or white about Princess Mononoke. The true order of the world Ashitaka and San are in is chaos; there is struggle, there is war, there is death but as the Deer god shows chaos is really just life in general. We have to live our lives the way we see fit but very little is going to according to plan. In my opinion, the Deer god gets the last laugh as he cannot be killed as he is chaos in life itself. Miyazaki created a masterpiece film with so many layers that I’m sure I could analyze this film for weeks and never find everything. I hope to come back soon and look at all the could have’s I missed in the rest of this blog and perhaps move from Princess Mononoke to Spirited Away or Howl’s Moving Castle. I hope you enjoyed the journey through Princess Mononoke as much as I did. Arigato minna for reading.

Ja ne!